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TT - Chibi Patissiere by Luxianne TT - Chibi Patissiere by Luxianne
'Bok.' Did you just feel something hit you in the hip? As you look down, your eyes land upon quite the charming sight: a very short lady, about three feet in height though perfectly well proportionate in her body attributes looks up to you with a broad smile, wide green eyes, a light blush on her chubby cheeks, long bubblegum pink curls framing her face and holding a small plate upon which rests a cookie decorated with the goofy face of a cat. On top of her head rests, slightly askew, a pale yellow cook's hat, fitting for the girl's size with 'S.K.' printed on its front in big bold red letters, Sunnyglade's Kitchens. The rest of the little cook's attire appears to be quite an adorable mix of a traditional german outfit called a dirndl, a maid uniform and a summer dress. Its colour matching that of her hat, its sleeves end right after her shoulders in a puffy and frilly little thing, hanging from straps. You are able to take a sneak peek at her modest cleavage, the small woman's breasts squished and pushed up by the corset that wraps around her whole waist, black strings tying it up on the region of her stomach, right below the bump of her chest. The outfit as a whole has quite a lot of frills, especially around the waist, the sleeves as mentioned before and the bottom. The dress ends right above her mid-thighs, completed further down by a pair of cute black stockings. Lastly, her feet are stuffed inside a pair of mary-janes. The small cook seems to insist you take a hold of her cookie plate, and her cheeky smile really makes your brain go mush. Could you really be cruel enough to refuse..?

Spell by :iconbreenacoppersun: :heart:
Arim Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017
Maaan, I wanna be a chibi patissiere. Just a dumb normal sized baker.
AgentXY14 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How can I resist? I'll hold the plate, miss.
BreenaCoppersun Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017
<3 <3. -Throws all the cookies at.-
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